Hey there! I’m Ashe, the artisan behind the shop Whimsy & Cheer. I make whimsical things for the everyday dreamer in all of us.

Growing up in Georgia, I spent many days barefoot in the sun playing in creeks and exploring hidden trails. I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder at the world, a deep feeling of wanderlust mixed with nostalgia. The great outdoors and old abandoned spaces were my dearest loves and my escape from the real world.

My jewelry is a product of this. I enjoy working with materials that come from the earth. My pieces feature copper, sterling silver, colorful crystals and smooth polished stone beads, arrowheads, ethically sourced naturally-shed deer antler tips, and unique vintage finds. I also handcraft accessories and small home decor pieces.

I love the breezy, beautiful, elegant look of boho fashion and I strive to infuse a feeling of freedom, wanderlust, and adventure into my work while using quality materials that will last.

Creating is my passion and I truly hope each piece brings a little bit of whimsy & cheer into your life.

Cheers darlings!